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Q. How do I receive the tickets I purchased?

  • Your tickets will be sent via email and as an attachment. Please print these out before arriving at the entrance of the event OR have it available on your smart phone with the QR code ready to be scanned to ensure quick and fast entrance.

Q.  Are my tickets refundable?

  • Wheedle does not issue any refunds for tickets. You must contact the event organizer directly and inquire about their own refund policy. No transaction or service fees will be refunded if the event organizer does allow for a refund. If the event is canceled please refer to our Terms of Service.

Q.  My credit card isn’t working?

  • Please check the 3/4 digit CCV on the back of your credit card and make sure it is correct. Some banks / credit card companies change the CCV / code frequently without warning so please contact them to make sure it is up to date.

Q. I purchased tickets but I can’t find them in my email?

  • Please check your Junk / SPAM mail as your email filter may have placed them in those folders. Also, please make sure you are on WiFi or have great cell service for the tickets to be received. Once you have checked your cell service and those folders and still can’t find your tickets, please contact us at and we will help troubleshoot this issue.


Q. How do I start creating events?

  • Simple! You can have your event listed and start selling tickets in just a few minutes!
    • First, sign up as an event organizer to create your organizer profile with some basic information and agree to our Terms and Conditions.
    • Then, you can create your first event right away by filling out the “Create Event” form. Once the “Create Event” form is filled out, your customized Event URL will be live.
    • You can then share your Event URL to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even embed it in your website or Mail-chimp email campaigns! It’s that easy!
    • You can then download our Wheedle Host App to track ticket sales, collect money at the box office for walk-up attendees and even scan attendees in via our built in QR / Bar-code scanners available in the Google Play or the Apple Store.

Q. How do I check attendees into my event?

  • Multiple ways! We believe each event organizer is different and therefor created multiple ways for organizers to manage their entrances:
    • First way is that you can export / email yourself the guest list and it comes in a PDF or CSV form that you can use to check attendees names off at the door.
    • Second way is that you can use the Wheedle Host App, which is available on the Google Play Store and Apple APP store, to electronically swipe and scan attendees in via our built-in QR and bar-code scanner (available via the guest list in the organizer host app).
    • Third way is that you can use your laptop to check attendees in via the website.

Q. How much is the credit card Payment Processing charge?

  • The credit card payment processing fee is four percent of the total price per ticket, which is passed on to the attendees.

Q. How do I receive the proceeds from the ticket sales? 

  • Wheedle will send payment after the event ends to the business / profile address on file.