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Make everything an event

Use Wheedle’s event-based marketing platform to:

  • Drive demand by creating scarcity
  • Capture revenue up front
  • Minimize no-shows
  • Collect valuable marketing info

Turn ordinary experiences
into extraordinary events

  • Create, promote, and manage tickets to events to increase event visibility and maximize attendance
  • Collect money up front through our secure in-app payment system to maximize revenue and reduce the impact of no-shows
  • Collect valuable marketing information by having customers RSVP or add themselves to a Guest List
  • It is completely free to create and sell tickets. For paid tickets, the ticket purchasers will be charged a service fee and processing charge in addition to the ticket price

Sell Tickets

Holiday Meals
Charity Events
Bottle Service
Bar Crawls

Collect RSVPs

Happy Hour
Daily Specials
Early Bird
Live Music

Create Events

  • Schedule what promotions are advertised at what time
  • Create recurring promotions and/one time ticketed events
  • Curated library of promotions allows businesses to adopt best practices